Real Life: silver linings play book


Silver Lining’s Playbook is an 2012 American film based on the novel written by Matthew Quick. The film and novel revolve around the life of Pat Solatano Jr. who upon being released from a mental institution attempts to regain his old life, but now living with the realization of his un-diagnosed bipolar disorder. Pat (portrayed by Bradley Cooper) trys to restore his marriage which was broken by his unfaithful wife and his extremely violent outbursts. Upon his introspective journey he meets Tiffany Maxwell(portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence) a sister of a friend. Tiffany also happens to be as you might say, “a little on the crazy side.” Losing her husband to a car crash she spiraled into a depressed and crazy lifestyle. Pat and Tiffany begin to bond in an unusual way over their seemingly alike craziness. They deny a friendship and try to stay in the past for quite sometime before realizing they love each other and all the ups and downs that come with it. Pat and Tiffany do not have the typical kind of love you see in fairy tales or expect in your future life. Their friendship and eventual relationship was based on the fact that they know the type of people they are, who they used to be, and what they want to become. They know things won’t always be perfect; in fact they expect some times in life to be absolutely insane. They don’t deny certain things in life because they know that these things are just simply something you have to get through. They accept things as they are, yet always find a silver lining in them. They choose to find the good but understand that bad still exists. Pat and Tiffany are as I like to call them, “positive realists.” People who don’t remain ignorant to life, but still see the good in it. A book that my group and I have been reading and analyzing can be related to this topic. The Scarlet Letter tells of a very unusual and drama filled love story. Adultery, deceit, and hypocrisy are very prominent within the novel, but yet it still provides a light on the characters. It almost at times provides sympathy between the main character and the man she cheated on her husband with. It gives a sympathy for their situation and for their forbidden love. An unusual twist to a novel; when books usually have the perfect relationship ending. So there’s the craziness. The friendships and relationships that don’t always function normally or perfectly; but isn’t that all our friendships? Isn’t that all our relationships? A big pile of crazy, but yet we still accept it. We still love it. // Mackenzie


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