Human Trafficking: Modern Slavery in ALL parts of the world

Although slavery does not happen to be a commonplace issue in America anymore; many do not realize that it is still taking place. Within our various airports, city streets, and regular places- people are being traded, held against their will, and used as a sort of currency for the benefit of a few wealthy “business owners.” These “business owners” should rather be called slave holders because the business they run is purely on the basis of human exploitation and forced labor. These slave holders still very much exist within America, and the world. Although Human trafficking is more common in countries other than America- it is still happening. 

Human Trafficking happens to be a critical issue that the American people know little about. Many turn away from the subject because it is not a top priority in American culture, but how could the people believe that human rights is not an issue to be taken seriously? Every person deserves a say in their life, and capturing people to use for labor, sex, and exploitation is an abomination. THIS is the 21st century- slavery should have been something abolished ages ago. 
Yes, of course the United States has deemed Human Trafficking as an illegal act, but not much more action has taken place. Yes, there are amazing global foundations who help to spread the news and aid in the abolishment of Human Trafficking,  but they cannot act in their fight alone. There are about 21 million people still enslaved in today’s world. This is a fight much bigger than just a few foundations joining together. It is time for the world to take a stand. It is time for the governments of the world to say that slavery is NOT okay. 
Awareness is of the highest priority in ending Human Trafficking. People like to believe that slavery is an issue of medieval times, not realizing it could be happening right outside their front door. Anywhere between 14,500 and 17,500 people are trafficked in and out of America, alone, per day. That is thousands of people being trafficked just within one country. America;the country that has one of the greatest foundations of human rights known to the current world. This is an issue of humanity. The people need to know every aspect of this tragedy. The people need to understand that it is not a simple issue that can be fixed with a few powerful people; this is the third largest international illegal business. There are men, women, and children out there, suffering from the loss of their life to a crime business that promotes human tragedy. This is not an easy subject, but it is still something that has to be known. Every person must know that slavery is still very much alive. Ignoring the problem only gives it the potential to grow. The world can no longer remain ignorant to this subject, no matter how evil it truly is. People like to think and do good things and most certainly should remain positive, but if one is simply not allowed the basic rights of a human then how could the world stand to be content knowing the issue and it’s extent. This problem needs restless people who will not settle for anything less that the total destruction of human slavery. 
Government action is essential. Without law enforcements, the unity of countries, and government leadership on the issue- this industry has the potential to grow in people and power. There have been acts passed within the American Bush administration and carried slightly through the American Obama administration that help in the fight, but could more be done? Well of course. There is always an opportunity to do more for this crisis. Now it is completely understandable that the government has many issues to attend to- so most of the time the government gives money and the opportunity for a slow judicial process in order to help end Human Trafficking. But, is it not realized that people need people. This cannot be forever ended by some simple money and an optional judicial processing. Human Trafficking is an issue that needs passionate people to end it. People totally conscious of the issue and people that know what they are doing. The governments of the world must understand this concept. Modern society may be focused on technology, money, and increasing one’s social status, but when are the people going to realize  that this is a problem that will forever be prominent until everyone decides to end it. The government should take into consideration the people in their lives and what they would do if one of them was to be stripped away and sold into a business where they are slaves of labor and sex. The government should take into consideration their dreams and hopes for their country and for the world and what they would do knowing that a great portion of their people are suffering; with no freedom, with no direction, and with no hope. 
Slavery still exists, however, it can be ended for good. With knowledge, leadership, and passionate purpose all the people of the world could finally have their basic human rights and a hope for their future. Human Trafficking is not an issue that will work itself out, there needs to be a change in all parts of the world. This is a crisis of humanity, and no one should be satisfied until each person is saved and freedom is restored. 
This was an OP-ED I submitted to LA times that was not accepted, but I believed is very important.
Thanks for reading,

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